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St. Bede's Episcopal Church St Petersburg, FL 33704

Healing Service

10:00 am
Healing Mass in the Chapel

The Rev. Cn. Paige Hanks, Priest-in-Charge

Worship is the heart of our faith. St. Bede’s learning embodies three elements: in-depth study of scriptures; exploration of our history and theology shaping our lives; opportunities to put faith into action.

Bible Study

11:00 am
Bible Study

St. Bede's Episcopal Church St Petersburg, FL 33704 Faith Formation

First Bible Study on May 30, 2019
(L-R) Vanessa Hicks, The Rev. Cn. Paige Hanks, Helen Bohman, Sheryl smith, Pat Jaquith, Nancy Rex, and Linda Rothmann

Equipping Adults for a Life in Christ This St. Bede group is an ongoing study of the Scriptures for the coming Sunday’s liturgy - concentrating primarily on the Gospel reading.

The Rev. Cn. Paige Hank facilitate this lively and in-depth discussion. Everything you ever wanted to know about our Lord is in the BIBLE.

Everyone is welcome for this gathering that includes coffee and pastries. See you Thursday!


Many of our programs include a shared meal, intended to build community and to learn from one another while growing in knowledge and love of God.

The Cathedral Church of St. Peter

Equipping Adults for a Life in Christ: Adult Formation

Pub Theology

pub theology

This monthly gathering brings people together to talk about God and current events in a public space. Have questions about how God is present in our world? Join us for monthly fellowship and discussion as we form our faith in community. Check the bulletin announcements for the days/times/locations.